Serving Low Alcohol Wine

low alcohol wine

Situation: There is a strong demand for low alcohol wine (4-8% v/v) from health conscious consumers, diabetic consumers, and from those who want to be able to enjoy a couple of glasses of wine and stay under the 0.05 limit. To succeed in the market low alcohol wine must satisfy like other wines, with taste, aroma and body.

Producers of some of the low alcohol wines currently on the market ferment grape sugars in the traditional way and then remove some of the remaining alcohol which can impact the flavour, aroma and mouth feel of the wine. Additives can address some of the quality loss but additives are counter to winemaking traditions.

Agritechnology managing director, Don MacLennan, is an award-winning wine maker who appreciates the need to maintain standards in terms of taste, aroma and mouth feel. Agritechnology’s qualified scientists have extensive experience working with yeasts and alcoholic fermentations. They are developing fermentation technology that will produce less alcohol and ferment the sugars into other desirable products. This is a technically challenging process that involves manipulating the fermentation conditions to control the yeast metabolism.

Results: Agritechnology has identified several promising approaches to low alcohol fermentation and has filed provisional patent applications.

The company is now seeking partners and investors to proceed to proof-of-concept work.